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Who likes to fish? Our guests do!

This Pike caught by one of our guests was 32 inches!

Who likes to fish? Lots of people do, and there are many a hardy soul who like to do so in the winter as well! Yes, I mean ICE FISHING! Now although Ice Fishing is not my thing, you can see that it is definitely a popular winter pastime. All you have to do is look out the front windows of either Bay House or the Bunkie, and you will see that the Bay is dotted with Ice Huts during the cold winter months. Fishing is a real passion for many people, and as you can see from the photos in this blog post, that the fish do indeed bite in the winter! Both these beauties were caught by two of our guests, just about a kilometer straight out on to the Bay from our water frontage . Both fish are Pike, and both guests released the fish back into the Bay after taking these envy worthy photos.

This Pike was 35 inches.

Both fish were lucky enough to be put back in the Bay. Will you catch them next time? So don’t think the Bay is only good for a summer vacation, because as you can see, that just isn’t so!

North Beach? To let the world know how great it is or not?

We are very lucky indeed to be situated near 3 Provincial Parks! Of course everyone knows about Sandbanks, and many nature lovers look forward to visiting Presqu’ile, but surprisingly, many people don’t know about North Beach. And, maybe that’s a good thing! You see, it seems that once any one visits North Beach, they get hooked and never go visit the other Park Beaches in the County. I always joke and say “Tell everyone it’s horrible, and you won’t like it!”. Now that may seem mean, but hold on, as there’s a method to my madness. North Beach is just as beautiful, but nowhere near as crowded as Sandbanks. Now that’s a good thing right?

So go ahead and dive into the waves at North Beach…

North Beach. The wavy side!

But… get ready… because there is  another bonus to visiting North Beach.  Aside form a beach with plenty of wave action, North Beach also has a side with a Bay for those of you who prefer a more tranquil place to splash around in.

Or maybe you prefer calmer waters at North Beach Prince Edward County?

So you decide where you want to set up for the day to enjoy your vacation, or visit both sides! There isn’t much in the way of shade there, so if you have a beach umbrella you should probably bring that along too. There is a canteen there, but it looks like most people come for the day with picnic cooler and games in tow. There is also a washroom and lots of parking. So make a point of visiting North Beach for yourself, but remember to tell everyone “Oh, don’t go there!”, as maybe we really don’t want everyone to know about this beautiful gem!

North Beach, Prince Edward County, wavy side.

Bay side of North Beach Prince Edward County







It’s not far to the Thousand Islands from Bay House!

Yes, it’s nice to go to the Sandbanks, Presqu’ile and North Beach Provincial parks, but since you will be spending at least a week at Bay House, why not take advantage of the fact that it isn’t that far to the Thousand Islands Area? Take the 401 East to Gananoque, and with a drive that is just a little over an hour East from Bay House, you could be exploring the Thousand Islands on one of the tour ships from Gananoque Ontario.

If you bring your Canadian passport with you, you can even cross over the toll bridges in to the States. From there you can also take a boat tour from Alexandria bay on the Uncle Sam Boat Line.

Boldt  Castle

Boldt Castle

Both boat lines offer tours that include an opportunity to stop and visit Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle is an official point of entry into America from 10 am to 6pm in the summer, so as long as you have your Canadian Passport, you can enter from a Canadian Tour ship. Give Gananoque cruises a call to find out more 1.888.717.4837

Boldt Castle

If you do decide to cross over the toll bridges to the States (the scenery as you cross the bridges is beautiful, and you can even park your car and walk up the bridges to take spectacular photos), the Uncle Sam Boat tours also offers a cruise to Singer Island Castle and will drop you off and pick you up again in a couple of hours.

Have a look at their website to learn a little about this castle that was built as a hunting lodge.

The Uncle Sam Boat Line is in Alexandria Bay, which is a tourist attraction in itself with many restaurants and shops to visit.

The Thousand Islands area is definitely worth a visit, and since it isn’t a long drive from Bay House, you should make a point of using one of your vacation days to explore the area. All those people from the 1800’s to now can’t be wrong!

Here is a sampling of some of the Island cottages. I took these photos when I went on an Uncle Sam Boat tour last year.

Thousand Island Cottage      Island Cottage Thousand Islands

So as you can see, there is lots to see and do in this pretty part of the world! Remember to check our blog from time to time as we report on the many sights to be seen out here!

Even though it’s starting to get cold, the beach in Wellington, Prince Edward County is still very pretty

beach street photo 2

Although it may be starting to show signs that winter is probably just around the corner, the beach in Wellington, Prince Edward County is always beautiful. We stopped by yesterday on the drive home from taking the dog to the vet. The waves were quite busy and the air was very crisp. There is a new Tim Horton’s in Wellington, so no doubt there will be many people grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting in their car (this time of year) and admiring the rolling beauty of the beach.

beach street photo 3

Even though it is starting to get cold, we still like to roll down the windows, at least for a minute anyhow, and listen to the waves.  Very relaxing, but the the cold wind forces one to roll the windows back up!

Beach street photo 1

It is about a 1/2 hour drive from our location to Wellington. These photos were taken from the Beach Street beach in Wellington. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Just a quick post to let you know that it looks like the swans are starting to gather up for their flight South. This was the view from my porch yesterday. Although it is nice to see all the swans a swimming, I’m pretty sure that it means fall is definitely on it’s way here! That means some nice photographs of the local colours for you are on their way!

Swans Sep 2015

We live in such a beautiful part of the world! Prince Edward County in the summertime- beautiful!

Who can resist a great lunch with a beautiful view? We can’t, so whenever we get a chance, we choose one of the County’s restaurants and have some eye candy along with our meal. A couple of weeks ago we chose The County Cider Company for our lunch destination. Although their ciders are delicious, as I was driving, I stuck to water. Mom did partake in a half pint of one of their ciders and reported that it was up to standard as usual.

County cider company 3

The County Cider company is a re-purposed barn with a kitchen area built onto the side of it. It even has a stone pizza oven.

County cider company 4

We were seated on their patio, which has patio chairs and tables with umbrellas, but as you can see, there is also picnic table seating as well – all with beautiful views of the vineyard and the lake! And yes, even though our short term waterfront units are completely furnished, and you can do your own cooking in the kitchen or on the gas BBQ, if you will be staying in one of our units during the warmer months, you should make a point of having lunch in one of the  County’s many restaurants!

Is there going to be an early winter here on the Bay of Quinte?

I think the geese are telling me it’s going to be an early winter! The last few mornings I have been awakened to the sounds of the geese honking outside my bedroom window here on the bay of Quinte, and they definitely have a lot to say to each other.  I know they get together and start to practice their formations for the long flight south, but come on, this is a little early! I mean really, it’s only August, do you really think you need to get organized and start getting together already? But, I suppose you know best, and I had better get used to the idea of an early winter! I don’t know if they are getting together in Belleville and in Trenton proper as well, so I will have to ask around. But it seems that right here on our piece of the Bay of Quinte, we are the place to be if you are a Canadian Goose! I will let you know when the ducks start to get together as well, so stay tuned. At the present time, the mummy ducks are still swimming with their quite grown up babies in formation.

Geese Aug 2015   1

Lunch at Presqu’ile Park. What a great way to spend a few hours!

We decided to treat ourselves to a little change of scenery for lunch the other day. As Presqu’ile Park is only a short drive from home, we decided to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the views.

presqu'ile picnic july 28 2015

We chose a quiet shaded picinic table away from the beach, but here is a picture of the beach should you be a sun lover.

presqu'ile beach July 2015

But, maybe you prefer to walk on one of the many trails in the park.

Presqu'ile hiking pathpresqu'ile hiking path info

If you’re looking for someplace local to enjoy a day off while staying in one of our units, maybe Presqu’ile Park might be the place for you!



We had to go to Brighton yesterday, and decided to take one of our favourite side routes to get there. That path took us along Weller’s Bay, which is always a pretty place to look at.

Brigton swans  1 march 05

Weller’s bay is the home to many swans, geese and ducks that don’t head south for the winter. Last year, winter was particularly brutal causing the Bay to freeze over for an extraordinarily long time. This meant that there was no food available to the swans, ducks and geese, and sadly, many of them died from starvation. We saw this first hand for ourselves last year, and it was a very disturbing sight to see these beautiful creatures dead on the ice. So, a couple of weeks ago, when we drove along the same route again, we were alarmed to see that the water was once again almost completely frozen over, leaving only a very small opening for the many many birds to swim and feed in. What could we do about it? Don’t the locals who live there feed them? Well, most of the cottages along the water are just that, cottages. The owners are not there to help out and feed them. And, although some people have the “Let nature take it’s course” attitude, I say “Yeah? Let’s hear you say that when it applies to you!”. Most of us would be dead already from something or another if we sat back and “Let nature take it’s course” rather than seeking help to get us better!

We started a couple of weeks ago with phone calls to various levels of government to find out if they could assist in preventing these swans, geese and ducks from starving to death again this year, but we didn’t have much luck. It turns out though, that we weren’t the only ones concerned about them! Some very kind and action oriented private citizens have already stepped in to help out. We were thrilled to discover this news and managed to contact one of them. Although we ourselves don’t always have much time going spare, we figured that we could at least put our money where our mouth is! We were told by one kind woman who feeds and rescues any sick swans and geese that they eat corn. Well, that was a no brainer for us, we would buy and drop off a few bags of corn! In fact as we live not far from a feed mill, we decided to buy some there and then and drop them off to one of this kind lady. We pulled up just as she and a friend were leaving to go and rescue a swan! We quickly transferred the 88 pound bags of corn to her car and as time was of the essence, off she went. I was almost blinded by here Halo! We are so pleased that there are people who do more than just “Talk the talk” and that they actually “Walk the walk”.

Brighton swans 2 march 05

We met another one in action yesterday, it was when we were doing our side trip through Weller’s Bay to Brighton to see how frozen the water was. Thankfully, Mother Nature had eased up a bit and allowed most of the water to be open, at least for now. There she was, taking the time to feed the swans, ducks and geese, and believe me, they were grateful! I stopped to take some photos to share with you and then I called out hello to her. When she finished feeding them, she came up to the road and we introduced ourselves. Her name Helen, and she too had a Halo! This lady makes the time to feed the water fowl and digs into her own retirement money pockets to do so. Isn’t it refreshing to hear that such kind people are still around and in fact are even local! We are going to buy some corn for her to feed to them as well. We feel good being able to help out and I bet it is a feeling that you would like too. Feeling good about helping out is quite a bargain as it only costs $15 for an 88 pound bag of corn. If you want to help out, drop me a line and I can pass along some more info on where to drop some corn off.


brighton swamns 3 march 05

Here are a couple of more taken along the drive to Brighton showing that more water is starting to open up. Could spring be around the corner at last?

Brighton Mar 05 photo 1 brighton mar 05 photo 2

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the post and will check in again to see what else we have been up to.  Best regards,

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