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A trip to Campbellford without stopping at Dooher’s would just be wrong!

Dooher Legend Is True.

‘It’s the truth! Just tell any local that you have to go to Campbellford, and the first comment from them is always “Have you tried those cream doughnuts from Dooher’s?”.

Doohers Cream Doughnut
Famous Dooher’s cream filled doughnut. This one actually made it home to my house!

Well of course I have, do you think I have lived in a cave for the last 10 years? In fact, the odd time that I do come across someone who has not tried one of their famous cream doughnuts I feel obliged to tell them that they must introduce this taste phenomenon into their lives.

Those cream filled delicasies
Those cream filled delicacies

And, if I’m actually giving a cream doughnut to a Dooher’s novice, as I generously depart with one of my cream filled delicacies, I always comment “For what I am about to introduce you to, I am truly sorry”. Of course I’m not really sorry, I just know that I will have made yet another person a Dooher’s cream doughnut junkie. I took some photographs to share with you. Now I don’t want you to think even for one moment that cream donuts are the only treasures that they bake up. Just have a look at all the different kinds of doughnuts!

More doughnut choices
More doughnut choices


In a way, it is a shame that Campbellford is not a little further away as the drive there is not a long one, making a trip to Dooher’s quite do-able. Here is another weird thing about their doughnuts, whenever you buy a dozen, for some strange reason, there never seems to be a dozen in the box by the time you get home. Also, let me tell you from experience, should any friends or neighbours find out that you were or have gone to Campbellford that day, they WILL find a reason to drop by your house, knowing that it is physically impossible for anyone to go to Campbellford without bringing doughnuts back from Dooher’s. The only exception to this rule is if it is a Sunday. Dooher’s is closed on Sundays. We never go to Campbellford on Sundays. Now should you be asking yourself if I work for Dooher’s, the answer is no, and I’m glad! I wouldn’t want to have to buy any pants bigger than I already own!

Check in on my blog every now and then and see where our travels have taken us. We are so lucky here at our Short Term In Comfort location in that we are on the Bay of Quinte, just minutes from Trenton and Prince Edward County, 20 minutes to Belleville, 15 minutes to Brighton and are surrounded by so many beautiful places that make for enjoyable side trips in our days. So have the best of both worlds when you stay in one of our furnished short term  rental houses, enjoy your days off staying in just watching TV or go for a drive and enjoy all that the area has to offer. Who knows, maybe you will be the next person to get hooked on these doughnuts!

The Dooher's store in Campbellford
The Dooher’s store in Campbellford

Fall Is Here – Let’s visit Presqu’ile Park!

Here are a few snaps of  what can be found locally at Presqu’ile Park in Brighton, just about 15 minutes from where we are.  If you have never been to Presqu’ile Park, you are short changing yourself of a wonderful day trip. This time of year the colours are beautiful and the walks pleasant with the leaves crunching under your feet. The air is fresh and there are so many beautiful sights to take in. One never tires of Presqu’ile!

In fact many Trenton and Belleville Home Rentals cite Presqu’ile Park as one of  the attractions for settling in the area. And they are not disappointed as  Presqu’ile Park takes on a new look for each of the seasons.