Even though it’s starting to get cold, the beach in Wellington, Prince Edward County is still very pretty

beach street photo 2

Although it may be starting to show signs that winter is probably just around the corner, the beach in Wellington, Prince Edward County is always beautiful. We stopped by yesterday on the drive home from taking the dog to the vet. The waves were quite busy and the air was very crisp. There is a new Tim Horton’s in Wellington, so no doubt there will be many people grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting in their car (this time of year) and admiring the rolling beauty of the beach.

beach street photo 3

Even though it is starting to get cold, we still like to roll down the windows, at least for a minute anyhow, and listen to the waves.  Very relaxing, but the the cold wind forces one to roll the windows back up!

Beach street photo 1

It is about a 1/2 hour drive from our location to Wellington. These photos were taken from the Beach Street beach in Wellington. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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