Have you been to the Big Apple? No, I don’t mean New York, I mean the BIG APPLE in Colborne!

I hadn’t been in a couple of years, so I thought it was time to make a visit again. Also, it’s a darn good excuse to eat some delicious pie as well as buying one to take home. I took Highway 2 which is much prettier than the 401, and it was only about a half hour’s drive. If you drove East from Toronto, you most likely saw it from the 401 driving towards the County. If you were coming from the Ottawa and Quebec direction you didn’t get to see what I’m writing about. But, which ever direction you came from, the Big Apple is worth a visit.
Now chances are, the place is going to be crowded when you visit, but I think that’s sort of part of the road side attraction charm. Also, plan your trip so that you are hungry enough to at least have a piece of pie, or maybe enjoy some BBQ from the BBQ wagon outside during the summer.

I had a slice of Mumble Crumble apple pie, but as you can see, there all sorts of pies to choose from. In fact, the first thing you see as you walk in to their venue is the pie making department of their huge building.

Nothing succeeds like success, and let me tell you this place is successful! People were lined up to buy the usual burgers, fries and sandwiches to eat there, as well as buying everything from pies, pies and more pies, jams, candy apples and home decor to take home. There is even cider!

I didn’t see many people leaving empty handed. I for sure was not one of them as I bought a couple of loaves of Apple Bread and a Mumble Crumble Apple Pie. Aside from eating the Apple Bread as toast, I thought it would make a great grilled cheese sandwich, and one of my friends suggested using it for French Toast! Perfect!
Don’t over eat though, because there is family fun to be had there too, and you don’t want that “I ate too much” feeling. While you are there, you can climb to the top of the Big Apple for a panoramic view of the area, as well as see their up and coming apple orchards.

There is also a carousel that has just been installed and should be operational shortly.

The mini golf was very popular as well as the mini train.

I would think there is enough to do there to keep you busy for a good couple of hours by the time you eat a little something and have a walk around the place. Look them up online for directions, it’s a fun afternoon out, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a good excuse to eat some delicious pie!

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