Is there going to be an early winter here on the Bay of Quinte?

I think the geese are telling me it’s going to be an early winter! The last few mornings I have been awakened to the sounds of the geese honking outside my bedroom window here on the bay of Quinte, and they definitely have a lot to say to each other.  I know they get together and start to practice their formations for the long flight south, but come on, this is a little early! I mean really, it’s only August, do you really think you need to get organized and start getting together already? But, I suppose you know best, and I had better get used to the idea of an early winter! I don’t know if they are getting together in Belleville and in Trenton proper as well, so I will have to ask around. But it seems that right here on our piece of the Bay of Quinte, we are the place to be if you are a Canadian Goose! I will let you know when the ducks start to get together as well, so stay tuned. At the present time, the mummy ducks are still swimming with their quite grown up babies in formation.

Geese Aug 2015   1

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