Local Attractions


Local Attractions

Wondering what there is to do around here in your off time? Well, lots actually.

You can always go into to Trenton or Belleville to do a little shopping, but if you want something a little different, then how about……….

Visiting the national Air force Museum of Canada in Trenton.  There are many planes and displays that will be of interest to everyone.   http://airforcemuseum.ca/

Depending upon the time of year that you are staying with us you might want to register for the fishing derby held every spring, so make sure to bring your fishing rod.

Golfing. There are quite a few golf courses around here. Just open up the phone book and choose one!

We are only about 15 minutes away from Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton. Aside from the beautiful beach and swimming, the park is world famous for the amount of birds that it attracts.    http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/presquile

If you like something racier, you can go and cheer on the drivers at the Brighton Speedway during racing season. Maybe the Brighton Apple Fest might be more your speed, and who doesn’t like an excuse to eat some pie?

Another great Provincial Park is  North Beach Park which is only about 20 minutes away. A  beautiful place to spend the day, and bring a picnic. Very pretty and less busy than the Sandbanks, so don’t tell all your friends, or you might spoil it!  http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/northbeach

If you are staying during the winter months, bring your skis and have a day out to the Batawa ski hill. It is only about a 15 minute drive from our location.

The PrinceEdwardCounty area has many, many, fine wineries to have a look and taste at. Each of our rental units has a wine tour map for you to borrow, so that you can plan out a route. As well, a few of the wineries have casual restaurants to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner. It’s rather pleasant in the nicer weather to enjoy a meal while being surrounded by a vineyard. And you thought that only happened in Europe! Some are only open seasonally, so it might be best to check to see which are open prior to your day out. Many people compare Prince Edward County to Niagara-on-the-Lake twenty years ago.

A sunny day trip to the SandbanksProvincialPark is always a hit as everyone loves the Sandbanks!   It is one huge beautiful beach!   http://www.ontarioparks.com/park/sandbanks

But even if Mother Nature is not in a good mood that day, or you are staying in one of the cooler months, don’t worry, as the drive along Loyalist Parkway towards Picton, has in itself some beautiful eye candy. You will definitely have to stop in Wellington and Bloomfield to have a look at why so many locals and city people are so attracted to the area. Picton is quite the “destination” as well, and my bet is that you will do a little shopping in some of those wonderful shops while you are there. There are also all sorts of restaurants to choose from in town. Just tell us what kind of restaurants you like and we can give you a few suggestions.

An out of the ordinary location is Lake on the Mountain, a little bit past Picton. It is just that, an entire lake on the top of a mountain! No one knows for sure how the lake came in to being, but this is a beautiful “must see” while you are in the area. Again, don’t worry about getting hungry on your day out as there are a couple of restaurants there that also have patios to take in the spectacular views. One of them serves a really good burger too! They stay open until just past Thanks Giving. There are also picnic tables provided by the municipality if you want to pack lunch for your outing. The municipality has also built public washrooms there for your convenience.

Also, in that nearby area is Waupoos. There is a winery and a cider making company there that both have spectacular water view restaurants. The menus are quite different from each other, and both equally good. One is called The County Cider Company and the other Waupoos Winery. You will have a hard time deciding which one to have lunch in. I even blogged about the Cider Company. Have a look under the blog tab.

There is also an Arts Trail to follow if you are interested in stopping by and having a look at some of the Artisan’s studios. We are developing quite an artist’s community in this part of the world!

VISIT THE 1000 islands

Since you will be spending a week out in this part of Ontario, why not take advantage of the fact that it isn’t that far to the Thousand Islands Area? With a drive that is just a little over an hour East from the cottage, you could be exploring the Thousand Islands on one of the tour ships from Gananoque Ontario


If you bring your Canadian passport with you, you can even cross over the toll bridges in to the States. From there you can also take a boat tour from Alexandria bay on the Uncle Sam Boat Line http://usboattours.com/1000islands/

Both boat lines offer tours that include an opportunity to stop and visit Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle is an official point of entry into America from 10 am to 6pm in the summer, so as long as you have your Canadian Passport, you can enter from a Canadian Tour ship. Give Gananoque cruises a call to find out more 1.888.717.4837

Boldt Castle http://www.boldtcastle.com/visitorinfo

If you do decide to cross over the toll bridges to the States (the scenery as you cross the bridges is beautiful, and you can even park your car and walk up the bridges to take spectacular photos), the Uncle Sam Boat tours also offers a cruise to Singer Island Castle and will drop you off and pick you up again in a couple of hours.

Have a look at their website to learn a little about this castle that was built as a hunting lodge. http://www.singercastle.com/

The Uncle Sam Boat Line is in Alexandria Bay, which is a tourist attraction in itself with many restaurants and shops to visit.

Don’t forget though, that sometimes one just wants to relax close to home, which makes us so lucky here with our Short Term in Comfort location. If you have your fishing license you can fish from shore or the MurrayCanal. Take in a few rays. Decide what you want to barbeque up for lunch or dinner. Enjoy the view. Bring your canoe and count the swans that sail by. Check out the water skiers and the various boats on the Bay of Quinte. Practice your bird identification skills as we have many feathered friends on our 4 ½ acres. Take a nature walk or stroll along the MurrayCanal. Read a book and have an afternoon nap in your comfortable home away from home!

Don’t forget to look under the BLOG tab on our website, as we have done a write up on some of the places to see and things to do!

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