Lunch at Lake On The Mountain! A must while visiting the County!

Lake on The Mountain restaurant. Lovely patio, and very pleasant inside as well

I was very happy when one of my Toronto friends called to tell me that she, her sister and mother were coming to the County for a day trip. They wanted to meet up for lunch. Great! Lunch at Lake on The Mountain Resort – FANTASTIC! I love that restaurant! I mean aside from the great food, I love having lunch on a patio when the weather permits. And, their patio is wonderful, in that if you sit facing one way you see the Lake on The Mountain, and if you sit facing the other way, you get views overlooking Lake Ontario.

I took a seat on the patio and browsed the menu


I arrived a little early, and once seated at a table on the patio I had a look through their menu. There is a good selection of food, but I must admit, I pretty much always have their cheeseburger. My friend enjoyed her cheeseburger as well, her sister was also pleased with her Asian Salad as well as their mother with her Tourtiere . The prices are reasonable as well.

Lake on the Mountain. How did it come to be?


How the lake came to be on top of the mountain is a mystery. Did a meteor hit the earth leaving behind a crater big enough to form the lake?

Miller House patio that overlooks Lake Ontario

Also owned by the same company is the Miller House, which is just across the street. With a different menu from the Inn, you will have a hard time deciding which restaurant to go to! The view from the Miller House is also spectacular. I took a quick photo from their patio too.

So the choice is yours. Which will it be? Lake on The Mountain restaurant, or the Miller House restaurant? A tough decision, but don’t worry too much as you’re in a win – win situation!

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