North Beach? To let the world know how great it is or not?

We are very lucky indeed to be situated near 3 Provincial Parks! Of course everyone knows about Sandbanks, and many nature lovers look forward to visiting Presqu’ile, but surprisingly, many people don’t know about North Beach. And, maybe that’s a good thing! You see, it seems that once any one visits North Beach, they get hooked and never go visit the other Park Beaches in the County. I always joke and say “Tell everyone it’s horrible, and you won’t like it!”. Now that may seem mean, but hold on, as there’s a method to my madness. North Beach is just as beautiful, but nowhere near as crowded as Sandbanks. Now that’s a good thing right?

So go ahead and dive into the waves at North Beach…

North Beach. The wavy side!

But… get ready… because there is  another bonus to visiting North Beach.  Aside form a beach with plenty of wave action, North Beach also has a side with a Bay for those of you who prefer a more tranquil place to splash around in.

Or maybe you prefer calmer waters at North Beach Prince Edward County?

So you decide where you want to set up for the day to enjoy your vacation, or visit both sides! There isn’t much in the way of shade there, so if you have a beach umbrella you should probably bring that along too. There is a canteen there, but it looks like most people come for the day with picnic cooler and games in tow. There is also a washroom and lots of parking. So make a point of visiting North Beach for yourself, but remember to tell everyone “Oh, don’t go there!”, as maybe we really don’t want everyone to know about this beautiful gem!

North Beach, Prince Edward County, wavy side.
Bay side of North Beach Prince Edward County







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