We had to go to Brighton yesterday, and decided to take one of our favourite side routes to get there. That path took us along Weller’s Bay, which is always a pretty place to look at.

Brigton swans  1 march 05

Weller’s bay is the home to many swans, geese and ducks that don’t head south for the winter. Last year, winter was particularly brutal causing the Bay to freeze over for an extraordinarily long time. This meant that there was no food available to the swans, ducks and geese, and sadly, many of them died from starvation. We saw this first hand for ourselves last year, and it was a very disturbing sight to see these beautiful creatures dead on the ice. So, a couple of weeks ago, when we drove along the same route again, we were alarmed to see that the water was once again almost completely frozen over, leaving only a very small opening for the many many birds to swim and feed in. What could we do about it? Don’t the locals who live there feed them? Well, most of the cottages along the water are just that, cottages. The owners are not there to help out and feed them. And, although some people have the “Let nature take it’s course” attitude, I say “Yeah? Let’s hear you say that when it applies to you!”. Most of us would be dead already from something or another if we sat back and “Let nature take it’s course” rather than seeking help to get us better!

We started a couple of weeks ago with phone calls to various levels of government to find out if they could assist in preventing these swans, geese and ducks from starving to death again this year, but we didn’t have much luck. It turns out though, that we weren’t the only ones concerned about them! Some very kind and action oriented private citizens have already stepped in to help out. We were thrilled to discover this news and managed to contact one of them. Although we ourselves don’t always have much time going spare, we figured that we could at least put our money where our mouth is! We were told by one kind woman who feeds and rescues any sick swans and geese that they eat corn. Well, that was a no brainer for us, we would buy and drop off a few bags of corn! In fact as we live not far from a feed mill, we decided to buy some there and then and drop them off to one of this kind lady. We pulled up just as she and a friend were leaving to go and rescue a swan! We quickly transferred the 88 pound bags of corn to her car and as time was of the essence, off she went. I was almost blinded by here Halo! We are so pleased that there are people who do more than just “Talk the talk” and that they actually “Walk the walk”.

Brighton swans 2 march 05

We met another one in action yesterday, it was when we were doing our side trip through Weller’s Bay to Brighton to see how frozen the water was. Thankfully, Mother Nature had eased up a bit and allowed most of the water to be open, at least for now. There she was, taking the time to feed the swans, ducks and geese, and believe me, they were grateful! I stopped to take some photos to share with you and then I called out hello to her. When she finished feeding them, she came up to the road and we introduced ourselves. Her name Helen, and she too had a Halo! This lady makes the time to feed the water fowl and digs into her own retirement money pockets to do so. Isn’t it refreshing to hear that such kind people are still around and in fact are even local! We are going to buy some corn for her to feed to them as well. We feel good being able to help out and I bet it is a feeling that you would like too. Feeling good about helping out is quite a bargain as it only costs $15 for an 88 pound bag of corn. If you want to help out, drop me a line and I can pass along some more info on where to drop some corn off.


brighton swamns 3 march 05

Here are a couple of more taken along the drive to Brighton showing that more water is starting to open up. Could spring be around the corner at last?

Brighton Mar 05 photo 1 brighton mar 05 photo 2

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the post and will check in again to see what else we have been up to.  Best regards,

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Presqu’ile Provincial Park is even pretty in the winter

Presqu’ile, even at this time of year is pretty. In fact it is pretty and amazing, which I guess makes it pretty amazing! Admittedly, it doesn’t give me the urge to break out my picnic basket, but it sure does make want to take some photos and share them with you.

presqu'ile pine tree

These ones were taken last week after I took my mother to a Doctor’s appointment in Brighton. One of our friends was telling us he had just been for a drive through Presqu’ile Provincial Park, and as usual this time of year, that the ice was building up into quite the thing to see. He was right, Mother Nature has been busy. If you will be staying in one of our units this winter, you should definitely take the time to drive through Presqu’ile Provincial Park, but in the meantime, have a look at a few of the photos I took that day showing how pretty even a cold winter’s day can look here.

presquil icy water 2015

Just think, in a few months people will be picnicking and relaxing here!

prequil picnic bench winter 2015

Although personally I am not a big fan of winter, I can’t help but think how pretty it looks here, even in winter. Of course the fact that I can run back to my warm car right after having taken a picture helps!

presquil wave 2015presquil wave 2

Where ever you’re reading this post from, I hope your winter is going well and that you will check back from time to time to see what else is going on in our beautiful part of the world!

Presquil splash 2015

Best Regards from Short Term In –  your short term furnished home away from home for the Trenton, Belleville, Brighton and Prince Edward County areas.

A trip to Campbellford without stopping at Dooher’s would just be wrong!

Dooher Legend Is True.

‘It’s the truth! Just tell any local that you have to go to Campbellford, and the first comment from them is always “Have you tried those cream doughnuts from Dooher’s?”.

Doohers Cream Doughnut
Famous Dooher’s cream filled doughnut. This one actually made it home to my house!

Well of course I have, do you think I have lived in a cave for the last 10 years? In fact, the odd time that I do come across someone who has not tried one of their famous cream doughnuts I feel obliged to tell them that they must introduce this taste phenomenon into their lives.

Those cream filled delicasies
Those cream filled delicacies

And, if I’m actually giving a cream doughnut to a Dooher’s novice, as I generously depart with one of my cream filled delicacies, I always comment “For what I am about to introduce you to, I am truly sorry”. Of course I’m not really sorry, I just know that I will have made yet another person a Dooher’s cream doughnut junkie. I took some photographs to share with you. Now I don’t want you to think even for one moment that cream donuts are the only treasures that they bake up. Just have a look at all the different kinds of doughnuts!

More doughnut choices
More doughnut choices


In a way, it is a shame that Campbellford is not a little further away as the drive there is not a long one, making a trip to Dooher’s quite do-able. Here is another weird thing about their doughnuts, whenever you buy a dozen, for some strange reason, there never seems to be a dozen in the box by the time you get home. Also, let me tell you from experience, should any friends or neighbours find out that you were or have gone to Campbellford that day, they WILL find a reason to drop by your house, knowing that it is physically impossible for anyone to go to Campbellford without bringing doughnuts back from Dooher’s. The only exception to this rule is if it is a Sunday. Dooher’s is closed on Sundays. We never go to Campbellford on Sundays. Now should you be asking yourself if I work for Dooher’s, the answer is no, and I’m glad! I wouldn’t want to have to buy any pants bigger than I already own!

Check in on my blog every now and then and see where our travels have taken us. We are so lucky here at our Short Term In Comfort location in that we are on the Bay of Quinte, just minutes from Trenton and Prince Edward County, 20 minutes to Belleville, 15 minutes to Brighton and are surrounded by so many beautiful places that make for enjoyable side trips in our days. So have the best of both worlds when you stay in one of our furnished short term  rental houses, enjoy your days off staying in just watching TV or go for a drive and enjoy all that the area has to offer. Who knows, maybe you will be the next person to get hooked on these doughnuts!

The Dooher's store in Campbellford
The Dooher’s store in Campbellford

We visited a few of the Wineries of Prince Edward County

We had our friend Rose come and visit us  from Toronto yesterday, so we took the opportunity to take a pretty drive along Loyalist Parkway and stop at a few of the wineries. There are a number of wineries in Prince Edward County now, but as she didn’t arrive until late afternoon, we only had time to visit three of them before we went to dinner at the Waring House, just outside of Picton. First along our route was Hillier Creek Estate Winery.

Hillier Creek Estates Hillier Creek Estates show room Hillier Creek Estates tasting area

Over the years we have watched as they planted their vines, grew their grapes and renovated an old barn into a beautiful show room. As I was the designated driver, I wasn’t able to partake in much sampling this time, so I had to leave most of that to my guest and my mother. The barn has been beautifully renovated and aside from the show room and tasting area that we visited, they also have a hall area where people can book functions like weddings. My mother is partial to white wine and Rose prefers red, so a little bit of everything was going to be sampled at the wineries. We bought a bottle of their 2011 Barrel aged Chardonnay. Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise for one of my friends if they are reading this, but I plan on giving this bottle to friends of ours (good wine lovers) who have invited us  for a meal over Christmas.

Next on our route was Casa-Dea Estates Winery.

Casa-Dea Estate Winery Casa-Dea a view of some of the vineyardCasa-Dea show room and tasting area

I have visited here a few times over the years and bought their wines, but for sure next summer I  plan on having lunch there. Although I am hoping to lunch on their patio overlooking the expanse of flourishing vineyards, I won’t worry if it rains on that day as there is also a beautiful glass fireplace in the tasting room with a restaurant area as well. If any one out there likes bocce ball Casa-Dea even has a Bocce ball court! It turns out that the owners and the lady who was doing the samples both live just around the corner from us. We told her about our short term furnished rentals  and that we often tell our guests all about the wineries in Prince Edward County. The wineries always smell so nice when you walk in. It must be the smell of the fermenting and aging wines wafting their way up from the cellar. On this trip we bought a bottle of 2011 Casa-Dea Pinot Gris. The vines that grew these grapes here for this bottle originated in France, hence being a Pinot Gris and not a Pinot Grigio (interesting) . If we were going to make it to one more winery before they closed we had to press on, no lingering!

Our final destination before we went for dinner was Sanbanks Estate Winery.

Sandbanks Estate Winery Sandbanks winery art statueSandbanks winery show room

When we first visited the Sandbanks Estate Winery a few years ago when they were just getting started, they were doing their sampling from a tasting room they had set up in the walkout basement of their house. Obviously, many people must be enjoying the “fruits of their labour”, as Sandbanks Winery has now expanded into and entirely new-built show room. I know the locals like their wines as we even bumped into some of our neighbours who were happily stocking up with supplies. They too had a done a visit of various wineries that day. There is no better recommendation than that! The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and we also sampled a couple of mini goat’s cheese quiche horse d’oeuvres. In the summer time if you so wish, you can sit outside on one of their varied coloured Muskoka chairs and watch the new grapes as they grow for that year’s vintage. We decided on buying a refreshing white wine called “Summer 2013”. It is always hard making a decision as to which wine to buy as there are so many choose from, but at least you can be sure that you will be in a win-win situation. Not a bad situation to be in! Well, that was it for our wine tour for that day as it was time for us to make our way to Picton for dinner. We should be able to make quite a few more posts in the future on the subject of the vineyards of Price Edward County as there are many many more to be visited. At , each of our furnished rental accommodations has a folder containing information about local and close-by attractions and restaurants for the Trenton, Belleville, Brighton and Prince Edward County areas. And, of course a directional map to the Wineries of Prince Edward County. Please check in on our blog from time to time to see how you could spend your free time while staying in our accommodations. Hope to see you back soon!

Madoc- we went to see the display of Nativity Scenes at St.John the Baptist Anglican Church


I was browsing through the Kijiji ads last week, when I came across an advertisement for an upcoming  display of nativity scenes. I have always loved Nativity Scenes, maybe a throw back from when I played a part in one at school, and this display was going to be at St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Madoc Ontario, on Saturday Nov 29.

Entrance to Church   St.John the Baptist Anglican Curch

If you are planning a stay in one of our short term rentals, you will be pleased to know that it is an easy and pretty drive to and from Madoc, with a few routes to choose from. We decided to take a longer scenic route going to Madoc from Trenton, going up Highway 30, through Campbellford (I will tell you all about Dooher’s Bakery in Campbellford, and their sublime cream doughnuts in another post) until we reached Highway 7 , and then along the 7 until we reached the town of  Madoc. The huge rocks on highway 7 are always a pleasure to look at, and it never ceases to amaze me that I am unable to grow grass on my property without a lot of work, yet somehow, nature has allowed trees to grow in the tiniest of nooks amongst the boulders! We were pleased to see that there were quite a few cars already parked outside of the Church, which must be a sign of a good turn out.  We were warmly greeted at the Church doors by a parishioner and told a little about the displays and where they were set up. There was even going to be hot apple cider and home made cookies waiting for us in the hall if we wanted to partake in some. This Church was built in 1865, and as corny as this may sound, it definitely gave off the feeling of being a warm, happy and welcoming place to be.

We decided to start our tour of the nativity scenes in the main part of the church. I was surprised at how many nativity scenes there were. I was told that this was the third year of the displays. The first year they had about 60 displays, the second year they had 99 and this year they had about 140 displays loaned to them by parishioners and non-parishioners alike. I took some photos to share with you. It would be impossible to pick a favourite display, but here is a small example of some of them. There were so many displays that there wasn’t enough room in the main part of the church, so the display spilled over into the parish hall, where we also sat down and enjoyed our hot apple cider and cookies.  I will definitely be coming back next year! Our visit was such a nice one, and it was refreshing to see a church that is obviously still full of life.

Madoc Main Street

As we were in Madoc, we thought we may as well have a little look at the main street. There is a very nice bakery in Madoc, and as I was in town, I felt that I absolutely must pop in and buy some of their tarts. It would just be wrong not to do so! After doing a quality control check for my bakery purchases in the car, we headed home down Highway 62 towards Belleville and then home.  What a nice day out! Hope you will check in for our next report on what is happening locally and at home. I wonder when we will see the first ice hut on the Bay of Quinte this season? The Bay has already frozen and unfrozen a number of times and it is only December 1st!

Winter has arrived at the Sandbanks Provincial Park


Entrance to Sandbanks Provincial Park

Today is Thursday November 20, 2014. We needed to head into Picton today and on the way home we decided to take a drive through the Sandbanks Provincial Park. The weather is -2 today, but with that wind chill it sure felt a lot colder.

The winds were fiercely blowing around and actually made it difficult to take a couple of the pictures as it kept trying to blow me off my feet and my camera phone out of my hands. I did manage though and thought I would share a couple with you. Surprisingly, at some points the sun was shining brightly. I was glad to be able to dash back into my warm car after taking the photos though.  The Sandbanks is so pretty no matter what time of year you go for a visit. If it was warmer weather,  with all the waves today there would have been a slew of people out sail boarding. As it was it was the ducks and the gulls that were surfing over the white topped waves.

We are very lucky to live where we do in Carrying Place, as  it is only about a 40 minute drive to the Sandbanks and the drive along Highway 33 (Loyalist Parkway) is always beautiful in itself. If you are staying at a  Belleville and Trenton Home Rentals make sure you come and have a look at the park during your stay. In the meantime, keep warm! I’m writing you this post as I’m at home again sitting near the wood stove and enjoying the warmth! But the images and sounds  of the many water birds above the waves in the Bay swirl in my memory.


Fall Is Here – Let’s visit Presqu’ile Park!

Here are a few snaps of  what can be found locally at Presqu’ile Park in Brighton, just about 15 minutes from where we are.  If you have never been to Presqu’ile Park, you are short changing yourself of a wonderful day trip. This time of year the colours are beautiful and the walks pleasant with the leaves crunching under your feet. The air is fresh and there are so many beautiful sights to take in. One never tires of Presqu’ile!

In fact many Trenton and Belleville Home Rentals cite Presqu’ile Park as one of  the attractions for settling in the area. And they are not disappointed as  Presqu’ile Park takes on a new look for each of the seasons.

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