Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions

1) A  booking deposit  will be required to confirm your stay. The deposit will depend upon how far in advance  you are booking.  Should you fail to show up on your booked arrival date without notification, we will advertise the unit as available for rent again and keep the deposit.  Prior to your arrival, or while you are here, if you decide you would like to extend your stay, please check as to availability as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. Should you cancel prior to your arrival, if we can re-book the dates, we will return your deposit. If the dates cannot be filled, we will keep the deposit.

2) A Short Term/Vacation Rental Agreement will be signed and a receipt will also be issued at this time. Should you be on an extended stay, a payment time table can be made. Payments may be made by cash, on-line transfer or certified cheque.

3) Occupants are restricted to only those listed on the Short Term/Vacation Rental Agreement unless agreed to by the owner. The occupants are expected to govern themselves in a manner that is respectful of the other tenants, neighbours and laws. As we do have full time tenants that live in  2 other houses further back on the 4.49 acre property, please enjoy your stay, but make sure your behavior is reasonable and respectful.

4) Arrival time is after 3pm on arrival date, and the occupants must vacate the unit no later than 11am on departure day, unless agreed to otherwise by the owner.

5) Smoking is NOT permitted in the units. You may smoke outside on the patio.

6) During your stay, we provide the unit’s bed linens, but they are your responsibility to have laundered if you need. There are 3 laundromats in Trenton. If you like, you can drop off your laundry and any of the three and have them wash and fold it, and then pick it up. Two of them will even come and pick up and do the laundry for you, and then drop it off the next day. You would need to talk to them about their prices. You must provide your own towels. The unit must be kept in a clean and tidy condition. It is also your responsibility for the ongoing cleanliness of the unit. Any cleaning or personal sundries required by you are also your responsibility. Aside from the linens, please leave the unit clean and ready for the next occupant to move in.

7) One parking spot is provided for each unit. If available, additional parking spots may be rented at $15 per week.

8) The Guests/occupants expressly agrees to indemnify the owner from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liability and expenses in connection with loss of life, personal injury and or damage to property arising from any occurrence in the premises, whether through the guests use of the premises, or by anyone permitted to be in the premises by the guest. The guest shall at all times undertake to keep the unit’s entry door locked after them. The guest is advised to ensure that their own insurance covers them while renting the unit or using any of it’s facilities or equipment.

9) The owner reserves the right to enter the unit due to urgent circumstances or to carry out urgent work to the unit. Also, should the owner need to show the unit to future prospective tenants, you must be amenable to the showing upon with 24 hours prior notice.

10) Should any damage or problems occur during your stay, you must notify the owner promptly, and not attempt to fix it yourself. The owner will fix the problem or do the repair promptly. The guest will be responsible for reimbursing the owner for costs to fix any problems or damages that they caused. Also, guests are not permitted to affix items to the walls or furnishings.

11) An emergency contact name and phone number must be provided to the owner in case an emergency arises.

12)  Although all our units supply bed linens, the day to day cleaning of your home away from home, as well as the laundering of the linens( if needed) are your responsibility during your stay. Although we do supply the pots and pans, things like dish washing machine detergent, and toiletries such as toilet paper are your responsibility. As we are on a well and septic, there is a print out on the fridge of each unit for you to read advising what may NOT be flushed down the toilet,  such as Q-tips, cotton balls, paper towels etc….

13) SECURITY/CLEANING DEPOSIT – In order to ensure that the units are left in a  “clean and ready to move in condition” for the next guests, and that no damage has been done to the property or possessions of Bay House or the Bunkie during  your occupancy, a $300 security/cleaning deposit will be required for Bay House,   and a $200   security/cleaning deposit will be required for for the Bunkie. This will also ensure that no undeclared extra guests (beyond the 8 allowed while staying in  Bay House, or 2 if staying at the Bunkie) will be staying during the period of your occupancy. Should there be an extra undeclared guest, the cost will be and extra $100 per person per week, or we may choose to cancel the booking in entirety and keep the deposit if the numbers of guests are more than was declared. Inspection of the premises will take place on the day of your vacating, and except for the linens,( which we change out for each booking), if the house is left clean and ready for the next guest to move right in, and if there is no damage to the premises, missing or damaged items etc… or extra guests, it will be refunded within 72 hours of your departure. If the unit is not left in a clean and ready to move in condition for the next guest, or items are broken or missing,  a cleaning/replacement fee will be deducted from your deposit.

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