We had to go to Brighton yesterday, and decided to take one of our favourite side routes to get there. That path took us along Weller’s Bay, which is always a pretty place to look at.

Brigton swans  1 march 05

Weller’s bay is the home to many swans, geese and ducks that don’t head south for the winter. Last year, winter was particularly brutal causing the Bay to freeze over for an extraordinarily long time. This meant that there was no food available to the swans, ducks and geese, and sadly, many of them died from starvation. We saw this first hand for ourselves last year, and it was a very disturbing sight to see these beautiful creatures dead on the ice. So, a couple of weeks ago, when we drove along the same route again, we were alarmed to see that the water was once again almost completely frozen over, leaving only a very small opening for the many many birds to swim and feed in. What could we do about it? Don’t the locals who live there feed them? Well, most of the cottages along the water are just that, cottages. The owners are not there to help out and feed them. And, although some people have the “Let nature take it’s course” attitude, I say “Yeah? Let’s hear you say that when it applies to you!”. Most of us would be dead already from something or another if we sat back and “Let nature take it’s course” rather than seeking help to get us better!

We started a couple of weeks ago with phone calls to various levels of government to find out if they could assist in preventing these swans, geese and ducks from starving to death again this year, but we didn’t have much luck. It turns out though, that we weren’t the only ones concerned about them! Some very kind and action oriented private citizens have already stepped in to help out. We were thrilled to discover this news and managed to contact one of them. Although we ourselves don’t always have much time going spare, we figured that we could at least put our money where our mouth is! We were told by one kind woman who feeds and rescues any sick swans and geese that they eat corn. Well, that was a no brainer for us, we would buy and drop off a few bags of corn! In fact as we live not far from a feed mill, we decided to buy some there and then and drop them off to one of this kind lady. We pulled up just as she and a friend were leaving to go and rescue a swan! We quickly transferred the 88 pound bags of corn to her car and as time was of the essence, off she went. I was almost blinded by here Halo! We are so pleased that there are people who do more than just “Talk the talk” and that they actually “Walk the walk”.

Brighton swans 2 march 05

We met another one in action yesterday, it was when we were doing our side trip through Weller’s Bay to Brighton to see how frozen the water was. Thankfully, Mother Nature had eased up a bit and allowed most of the water to be open, at least for now. There she was, taking the time to feed the swans, ducks and geese, and believe me, they were grateful! I stopped to take some photos to share with you and then I called out hello to her. When she finished feeding them, she came up to the road and we introduced ourselves. Her name Helen, and she too had a Halo! This lady makes the time to feed the water fowl and digs into her own retirement money pockets to do so. Isn’t it refreshing to hear that such kind people are still around and in fact are even local! We are going to buy some corn for her to feed to them as well. We feel good being able to help out and I bet it is a feeling that you would like too. Feeling good about helping out is quite a bargain as it only costs $15 for an 88 pound bag of corn. If you want to help out, drop me a line and I can pass along some more info on where to drop some corn off.


brighton swamns 3 march 05

Here are a couple of more taken along the drive to Brighton showing that more water is starting to open up. Could spring be around the corner at last?

Brighton Mar 05 photo 1 brighton mar 05 photo 2

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