We visited a few of the Wineries of Prince Edward County

We had our friend Rose come and visit us  from Toronto yesterday, so we took the opportunity to take a pretty drive along Loyalist Parkway and stop at a few of the wineries. There are a number of wineries in Prince Edward County now, but as she didn’t arrive until late afternoon, we only had time to visit three of them before we went to dinner at the Waring House, just outside of Picton. First along our route was Hillier Creek Estate Winery.

Hillier Creek Estates Hillier Creek Estates show room Hillier Creek Estates tasting area

Over the years we have watched as they planted their vines, grew their grapes and renovated an old barn into a beautiful show room. As I was the designated driver, I wasn’t able to partake in much sampling this time, so I had to leave most of that to my guest and my mother. The barn has been beautifully renovated and aside from the show room and tasting area that we visited, they also have a hall area where people can book functions like weddings. My mother is partial to white wine and Rose prefers red, so a little bit of everything was going to be sampled at the wineries. We bought a bottle of their 2011 Barrel aged Chardonnay. Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise for one of my friends if they are reading this, but I plan on giving this bottle to friends of ours (good wine lovers) who have invited us  for a meal over Christmas.

Next on our route was Casa-Dea Estates Winery.

Casa-Dea Estate Winery Casa-Dea a view of some of the vineyardCasa-Dea show room and tasting area

I have visited here a few times over the years and bought their wines, but for sure next summer I  plan on having lunch there. Although I am hoping to lunch on their patio overlooking the expanse of flourishing vineyards, I won’t worry if it rains on that day as there is also a beautiful glass fireplace in the tasting room with a restaurant area as well. If any one out there likes bocce ball Casa-Dea even has a Bocce ball court! It turns out that the owners and the lady who was doing the samples both live just around the corner from us. We told her about our short term furnished rentals  and that we often tell our guests all about the wineries in Prince Edward County. The wineries always smell so nice when you walk in. It must be the smell of the fermenting and aging wines wafting their way up from the cellar. On this trip we bought a bottle of 2011 Casa-Dea Pinot Gris. The vines that grew these grapes here for this bottle originated in France, hence being a Pinot Gris and not a Pinot Grigio (interesting) . If we were going to make it to one more winery before they closed we had to press on, no lingering!

Our final destination before we went for dinner was Sanbanks Estate Winery.

Sandbanks Estate Winery Sandbanks winery art statueSandbanks winery show room

When we first visited the Sandbanks Estate Winery a few years ago when they were just getting started, they were doing their sampling from a tasting room they had set up in the walkout basement of their house. Obviously, many people must be enjoying the “fruits of their labour”, as Sandbanks Winery has now expanded into and entirely new-built show room. I know the locals like their wines as we even bumped into some of our neighbours who were happily stocking up with supplies. They too had a done a visit of various wineries that day. There is no better recommendation than that! The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and we also sampled a couple of mini goat’s cheese quiche horse d’oeuvres. In the summer time if you so wish, you can sit outside on one of their varied coloured Muskoka chairs and watch the new grapes as they grow for that year’s vintage. We decided on buying a refreshing white wine called “Summer 2013”. It is always hard making a decision as to which wine to buy as there are so many choose from, but at least you can be sure that you will be in a win-win situation. Not a bad situation to be in! Well, that was it for our wine tour for that day as it was time for us to make our way to Picton for dinner. We should be able to make quite a few more posts in the future on the subject of the vineyards of Price Edward County as there are many many more to be visited. At ShortTermInComfort.com , each of our furnished rental accommodations has a folder containing information about local and close-by attractions and restaurants for the Trenton, Belleville, Brighton and Prince Edward County areas. And, of course a directional map to the Wineries of Prince Edward County. Please check in on our blog from time to time to see how you could spend your free time while staying in our accommodations. Hope to see you back soon!

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