Who likes to fish? Our guests do!

This Pike caught by one of our guests was 32 inches!

Who likes to fish? Lots of people do, and there are many a hardy soul who like to do so in the winter as well! Yes, I mean ICE FISHING! Now although Ice Fishing is not my thing, you can see that it is definitely a popular winter pastime. All you have to do is look out the front windows of either Bay House or the Bunkie, and you will see that the Bay is dotted with Ice Huts during the cold winter months. Fishing is a real passion for many people, and as you can see from the photos in this blog post, that the fish do indeed bite in the winter! Both these beauties were caught by two of our guests, just about a kilometer straight out on to the Bay from our water frontage . Both fish are Pike, and both guests released the fish back into the Bay after taking these envy worthy photos.

This Pike was 35 inches.

Both fish were lucky enough to be put back in the Bay. Will you catch them next time?┬áSo don’t think the Bay is only good for a summer vacation, because as you can see, that just isn’t so!

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